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fairness and sustainability have accompanied our activities from the very beginning

We deliberately chose Vietnam as our cooperation partner at the time of our founding because we fare of the firm opinion – and have been confirmed time and again over the years – that resource-conserving handling of natural raw materials as well as cooperation based on trust form the basis for the future of all of us. This has been a matter – of course for us since 1992.

Siegel naturally fair since1992

our principles

naturally - for you

Traditional values meet contemporary demands, cultural knowledge meets modern designs. All natural with PATZL INTERNATIONAL.


When selecting our cooperation partners, we make sure that there are no working conditions that are harmful to health and that fair wages are paid. Unfortunately, these are still not comparable with European standards, but exploitation and child labor are a taboo for us.

climate neutrality

A large part of our products is actually dried by the sun (baskets, wreaths, cinnamon bark, star anise, etc.). This means that, with a few seasonal exceptions, drying furnaces can be dispensed with, which is a noticeable advantage in terms of the worldwide reduction of CO2 emissions.


Every movement causes traces – so it is obvious that we also make an unpleasant contribution to the ecological footprint. Wherever possible, we are committed to avoiding unnecessary transport routes – within our production and supply chains, this claim is most likely to be realized within Vietnam.

environment & sustainability

Renewable raw materials form the basis of our work. Bamboo, coconuts, rattan, sea grass, water hyacinth etc. grow in abundance in Vietnam. Their use is firmly anchored in the Aisatian culture. The resources used are treated with care and never „over-harvested“.
A not small part of our product range comes to the market in its natural state and is therefore even biodegradable.

Since 30 years we are specialized on Vietnam where we are just about at home and have an extensive network. Vietnam becomes significant as a supply market!


In addition to the development of product ideas and their implementation, the focus is in particular on the identification, procurement and refinement of renewable raw materials for the creation of natural decoration. But also in combination with other materials, our products are unique objects – each one an original.

our services

  • development
  • sourcing
  • consulting
  • training

For years Vietnam is a prosperous country. A major advantage: “Made in Vietnam” is not yet tainted. In march 2018 the Federal Republic of Germany joined the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific-Partnership (CPTPP) of which Vietnam also is a member. Furthermore, the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) came into force on 1 August 2020. Both agreements mean a significant reduction of trade restrictions – including customs duties.

vietnam is becoming more and more interesting as a procurement market

photo vietnam map



PATZL INTERNATIONAL is a creative partner in the development of products and product lines primarily made of renewable raw material such as cinnamon, star anise, coconut shells, bamboo, rattan and other natural material. In cooperation with innovative an high-performing enterprises whole collections are created. Our services:

  • Quality management
  • Marketing requirements for European customers
  • Development of packaging ideas and display solutions. Ready to sell


PATZL INTERNATIONALis continuously seeking for new raw material and combinations. We are specialists for discover, identify and supply suitable natural material to manufacture decorative items. Our services:

  • Identification of reliable production facilities with necessary production capabilities
  • Assembling of articles of different origins for final picking and packaging


PATZL INTERNATIONAL advises entrepreneurs and companies based on long-standing personal management experience. Our services:

  • Intercultural competence Asia/Europe with respect to market requirements and preferences of material, colors and shapes, customs and traditions
  • Activating the sense for innovation
  • Corporate development
  • Process organization and process optimization
  • Promoting awareness for factory audits and BSCI


PATZL INTERNATIONAL will train management and teams in regard of market success and new markets. Our services:

  • Quality management
  • Marketing requirements of European Customers
  • Preparations and moderation of audits

import from vietnam

PATZL INTERNATIONAL PI has an excellent network of field experts not only in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but also in the Central Highlands and up to Laos. Our services:

  • Board range of raw materials and finished goods – essentially for decorative purposes. One of the emphasis are products made of renewable raw material
  • Marketing requirements of European Customers
  • Project management and order services
  • Production capacity tests
  • Production monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Procurement of necessary and/or required certificates concerning environment, health and social compatibility
  • Consolidation of shipments through various seaports in Vietnam

export to vietnam

PATZL INTERNATIONAL has extensive knowledge of the market in Vietnam. In particular of sales habits and customer’s buying habits including the relevant regional variations between the northern and southern part of the country. The market’s favorable reception and strong affinity to products “made in Germany” offers attractive perspectives from foodstuff to kitchen appliances. Our services:

  • Market analyses of the Vietnamese market
  • Analysis of demand and potential
  • Preparation of market survey
  • Research and negotiation of distribution channels
  • Finding sustainable suppliers in Germany- producers as well as wholesalers
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