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Bamboo is not a tree but a but a grass native to tropical areas around the equator. The variety of species ranges from plants only a few centimeters high to forests 40 meters high. Many bamboo species grow extremely fast (up to one meter per day) and can be harvested after three to five years. Due to this rapid growth, large quantities can be felled each year without endangering the stock. And unlike a tree that dies when felled, bamboo‘s root system allows it to sprout again and again. Therefore bamboo is the perfect natural, renewable raw material – and in addition robust and durable!

bam!boo Trays
bam!boo Trays
bam!boo Trays
bam!boo Trays


for fresh and dry

  • lacquered bamboo (10 colors)
  • height 27 cm
  • diameter 6,5 – 7,5 cm
  • with glass insert (50 ml) inside in the bottom part
bam!boo bowls

spin bam!boo

This is only a minimal part of our collection. For further information regarding our product line please take a look in our catalogue.

bam!boo bowls

bam!boo bowls

  • diameter ~14cm / height ~6 cm
  • bamboo bowl, wood wick
  • available in the following colors:
    yellow, silver, gold, grey, anthracite, blue, turquoise, bordeaux, red, black, natural lacquered, pure natural, white
  • fodd safe

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