Wreath – universally useable

With a great deal of creativity, and together with the proprietor of a manufactory PI creates new shapes, searches for new raw materials in the mountain area and tests colour combinations. Interesting products are then created from this synthesis.


natural materials. sun-dried.

A wreath can save a tree‘s life!
Because for the material extraction trees in North Vietnam are freed from very robust choke vines and can therefore develop again. The lianas obtained in this process are split into different thicknesses, dried in the sun and woven by hand into various shapes.

Zero energy consumption!
Pure sustainability, aesthetics and craftsmanship!

foggy grey

new colour for 2021


the spilt plane vine – woven without frills …

white washed

at once an entirely different effect.

set of five

bestseller with 20, 25 and 30 cm

frizzy giants

Complemented by a chain of light simply THE eye-catcher!

  • 50, 70 and 100 cm
  • unrefined & white washed


This is only a minimal part of our collection. For further information regarding our product line please take a look in our catalogue.
Portrait Horst & Wiebke Patzl

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