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natural. robust. long-lasting.

A plant with many properties. In the Asian region bamboo is a long established, fast growing raw material for a variety of everyday goods such as furniture, scaffolding, ladders, bicycles, even toothbrushes or straws.

Foto Singlevasen

pure bam!boo single

Stylish for single stems.
Our new bam!boo highlight!

Kugeln Teelicht 3er

3 bam!boo

  • ball or tealight holder
  • diameter: 8, 10 and 15 cm
  • available in different colors:
    white / natural white washed / natural / bordeaux / green / blue / light blue / black



Sawn from strongly scented cinnamon plates or made from the inner shell of the coconut, these letters are wonderfully suitable as decorative elements.

decocos letters
Decocos letters packed



material Salim
Krause Riesen


puristic. beautiful.

The candle for today – for tomorrow – for the day after tomorrow
4 sizes | 7 colours

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cocos bowls
cocos bowls
A round thing
decocos - natural decoration made of renewable raw materials
There are 183 species of palm trees, one of which is the coconut tree. Who does not know it from the beaches while on vacation. And who has not hoped at least once, that the coconut, of the size of a head and up to 2.5 kg of weight would not drop on the own.
With a great deal of creativity, and together with the proprietor of a manufactory PI creates new shapes, searches for new raw materials in the mountain area and tests new combinations of colors. This unique synthesis designs innovative products.
candles & fragrance lines
A wide range of non day-to-day scents are available attractive accessories disproportionately enhance the products value.
Bamboo, rattan, sea grass, palm leaves and water hyacinth are raw materials as such, from which diverse products are manufactured in Vietnam, which are not available at every street corner. Ethnic influences create the special charm.
environmental packaging
Vietnam rapidly evolves into an interesting supply market. This includes Christmas ornaments made of glass.

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